Protect email addresses in web pages (Version 2.1)

This page will generate a HTML encoded mailto link that is reasonably 'spambot' proof. Spambots crawl over websites looking for email addresses, when they find one they add it to their database for junk email. Thank you to everyone for your great comments about this system. It's still useful now over 6 years since I originally wrote it. Perhaps you'll excuse a quick plug for a service I am involved with for jobs in New Mexico, please take a look at it if you're in that area!
Please note: we do not store or record any of the email addresses entered on this page.

18/12/2005 - First update in a long time - added a new option to generate encrypted email addresses suitable for use with MediaWiki software - these are tags such as [ Click here to email me].

25/6/2003 - I have improved the code further now so that it splits up the email address inside a Javascript document.write - this should stop most spam bots, they go through HTML page code, they do not, as far as I am aware, attempt to render the output and use the outputted data. This is probably overkill as it does not appear that the old technique was being harvested by spam robots, but for my own amusement if nothing else I decided to improve it. Comments? . If you found this useful, why not put a link to this page on your website? That would be very nice, thanks!

04/7/2003 - I have updated this to add some slight random variation to the javascript splits (I'm paranoid!) and I have added a requested option to switch off the Javascript and just use the rewriting.

05/7/2003 - Now the email address is optional, if you want to use it to encode a string (eg a fax number).
(leave blank to use email addr as text)
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